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Investigating microbial evolution



Lab news

Brian Ellis joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher. (March 2017)
Alex Wirganowicz and Sneha Jain join the lab as an undergraduate researchers. (February 2017)
Alex Nishida joins the lab as a graduate student in Microbiology. (April 2016)
Graduated Senior, Caroline Godfrey attends Mercyhurst University in Eire, PA in the Dept. of Applied Forensic Sciences. (August 2015)
Graduate student Andrew Moeller's Ph.D has been conferred by Yale University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He will be a postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley in Michael Nachman's lab. (May 2015)
Congratulations to graduate student, Chuck Traverse, on being awarded a Summer Merit Award from the Microbiology Graduate Program at the University of Texas. (May 2015)
Andrew Moeller (graduate student) has been awarded a Miller Research Fellowship 2015-2018 from the Miller Institute at the University of California, Berkeley. (January 2015)
Andrew Moeller (graduate student) is interviewed on Science Friday. (November 2014)