Dept. of Molecular Biosciences The University of Texas at Austin

Current lab members

Howard Ochman

Howard Ochman

Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences

My research attempts to elucidate the factors that influence the generation and maintenance of variation in bacterial genomes.

Kiran Gurung

Kiran Gurung, Postdoctoral Fellow


Jamie Alfieri

Jamie Alfieri, Postdoctoral Fellow


Md. Hassan uz-Zaman

Md. Hassan uz-Zaman, Graduate student, Cell & Molecular Biology

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Angela O'Donnell, Graduate student, Microbiology

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co-advised with Bryan Davies

Emily Cook

Emily Cook, Research Associate


Archan Patel

Archan Patel, Undergraduate Research Assistant



Kristen Lowe

Kristen Lowe, Undergraduate Research Assistant