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APRIL 9th, 2012
11:30 am – 1 pm: Faculty - Advisor Luncheon with Public Health Professionals
SAC (2.410)

Join faculty and advisors from central Texas and around the country for lunch with federal, state and local public health professionals and a keynote presentation.

SAC (1.402)

In conjunction with the conference Dr. Richard Taylor (Biology) will discuss public health and infectious disease topic, using scenes from the movies 12 Monkeys and Contagion, and the TV shows "The Walking Dead" and "Numb3rs".

Keynote Presentation: How to Save $47 Trillion: the Price of Global Neglect of Non-Communicable Disease – Susan P. Fisher-Hoch, Professor of Epidemiology, UT School of Public Health, Brownsville Regional campus

APRIL 10th, 2012
Faculty - Advisor Symposium (7:45 am – 11:30 am)
SAC (2.302)

7:45 am:  Welcome and Introductions
8:00 am:  Advising for Careers in Public Health: The Tough Questions Students Ask!  William Harvey, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Biology and Health Career Advisor at Earlham College and NAAHP Liaison to the Association of Schools of Public Health

With the explosion of interest in undergraduate public health, many health career advisors today are confronting students asking challenging and difficult questions about public health graduate education and careers.   Questions range broadly from school and program choices, to tuition and scholarships, to the confusing diversity (15-20) of degree choices, and ultimately to the job market.  These questions will be discussed and attendees will be given resources to further explore these issues. Advisor participation will be greatly encouraged.

8:45 am:  New Trends in Public Health Education
Allison Foster, Executive Director, Association of Schools of Public Health

Learn about new trends in public health education and how they relate to public health careers. 

Ms. Allison Foster is the Executive Director of the Association of Schools of Public Health. The Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) represents the deans, faculty, and students of the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)-accredited member schools of public health and other schools and programs seeking CEPH accreditation as schools of public health.

15 Minute Break
9:45 am:  Public Health is Global Health!  
Public health has gone global!  Gain a new perspective about the field by attending a presentation by a panel of global health experts.

10:30 am:  Why I Chose Graduate Education in Public Health 
Student representatives and recent graduates from top programs in public health will share their experiences and excitement about attending graduate schools of public health.

11:15 am:  Wrap up and Discussion

Scientific Conference and Exhibits (12 pm–5 pm)
SAC (See Schedule)

12 pm:  Kick off Presentation and Free Lunch; Exhibit Hall Opens
(SAC 2.410)

1 pm - 4 pm:  Afternoon Scientific Presentations
Choose from three presentations per hour. Full program details coming soon…

5:00 pm: Keynote Session: Innovation in the Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases (SAC 1.402)
Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD, Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine, Professor at Baylor College of Medicine and President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute

The neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) represent a group of chronic parasitic and related infections such as hookworm, schistosomiasis, lymphatic filariasis, oncocerciasis, and trachoma.  Overall NTDs are the most common infections of the world’s poorest people, a group known as “the bottom billion”, in whom they produce a profound level of disability. Come hear about the international efforts and partnerships that could lead to the elimination of key NTDs as public health problems by the end of this decade. 

6:30 pm:  Pizza Dinner (Outside of SAC 1.402)
7:00 pm:  Movie - Contagion (SAC 1.402)

Downloadable Schedule of Events for Faculty - Advisors

College of Natural Sciences:
School of Biological Sciences, Career Services and Health Professions Office;University of Texas Libraries; The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Scientific Education and Professional Development Program Office; The Association of Schools of Public Health; The Association of Public Health Laboratories; Texas Department of State Health Services; Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department; The University of Texas School of Public Health.

This conference is generously supported under a cooperative agreement from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH).

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