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Primer Ordering

(June 2019) Currently Millipore-Sigma primers are about 37% cheaper than IDT Primers. Life Technologies primers (under 60 bases) are about 5% cheaper than IDT primers, but IDT delivers about a day faster. Primers 61-90 bases cost 56% less through Life Technologies.

IDT - Custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis help DNA Oligos and Mixed Base Definitions
IDT orders are placed through the ICMB Core and must be picked up in the Supply Center Office MBB 1.426K. They are not delivered directly to the lab. Orders must be submitted to the ICMB by 12:30 pm for early approval and submitted by 4:00 pm for same day approval. Excel bulk upload file
Life Technologies primer ordering help ordering codes, purity selection, and modification options
Life Technologies Custom Oligos
sequence, name, researcher, synthesis scale, and purification fields must be filled
Bulk upload template for custom oligos - save file as CSV or TXT file format
Life Technologies Value Oligos (economical and fast - according to Life Technologies)
Oligo name - only letters and numbers | Sequence - between 5-40 bases A, G, C, T only | No modifications
Bulk upload template for value oligos - save file as CSV or TXT file format
Sigma primers through UT Marketplace - DNA Oligos in Tubes | Custom DNA Oligos help
Bulk upload form (Excel)
Campus Poster Printing
Ask your PI if they will pay for or reimburse your poster printing fee. Some of the campus resources allow for direct billing to UT accounts.
Perry-Castañeda Library: $5 per linear foot with student ID, take tax exemption form if being reimbursed by grant, 1-2 day processing time
CCBB: satin or glossy, cost varies by size, can pay with grant, pro-card, or credit card, allow two days for processing
College of Natural Science: $50 for graduate students, $25 for undergraduates, can pay with credit card or grant, 24 hour processing
Tax Exemption form for reimbursement (you will not be reimbursed for tax) pdf
Equipment & Facility Repair
Department of Chemistry Instrument Repair
ICMB Electronic Services
Chemical Engineering Machine Shop
Department of Chemistry Glass Shop
UT Facilities Services Repairs and Maintenance (refrigerator/freezer repair or building issues)
NMS Building Manager, Dwaine Benson, email, 512-232-2178, office PAT 302
UT travel rules (condensed) pdf
Integrative Biology RTA - Request for Travel Authorization here
UT Travel Management Website
Concur travel arrangements (centrally billed or reimbursed)
Texas hotel tax exemption form pdf
Texas sales tax exemption form (used for resort fee tax) pdf
Texas rental vehicle tax exemption pdf (EID required)
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Employee Compliance Training UT Learn Transcript or
New Employee Orientation (PN 1000) registration
J-1 Scholar Orientation (required) for foreigners link
New Student Employee Checklist link
EHS Laboratory Safety Training (OH 101, 102, 201, 202, 204, 207, and 241 required) .
Fire Extinguisher Training registration (FF 205) link software training for staff (EID required)
Personal Perks
UT Employee Discounts with Life Care (sign up required)
Sustainable Food Center (farm to work basket)
UT Faculty Staff Dine In Dollars: $5 bonus, 10% discount info | signup | add dollars | pay for dollars
Discounted Airport Parking (send for cards before use)
Zipcar at UT