Packets and Plant Pics

(Listed by Field Trip) - Spring 2006

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The packets for each field trip are in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you may download for free at Adobe Systems, Inc.

Packets for field trips are large, and may take a while to download.

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When you click on a species name, the plant pictures will appear in a new window.   Some species have several images, so please be patient.

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Field Trip 1: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Field Trip 2:

Field Trip 3:

Field Trip 4:

Field Trip 5: 

Field Trip 6:  

Field Trip 7:

Field Trip 8: 

Field Trip 9:

Field Trip 10:

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Field Trip 1-- Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (Packet x.x Mb)

ASTERACEAE Erigeron modestus

ASTERACEAE Packera obovata

ASTERACEAE Tetraneuris scaposa

BIGNONIACEAE Bignonia capreolata

CACTACEAE Echinocereus reichenbachii

CACTACEAE Opuntia engelmannii var. lindheimeri

CACTACEAE Opuntia leptocaulis

CACTACEAE Opuntia macrorhiza

FABACEAE Dalea greggii

LAMIACEAE Salvia roemeriana

LOGANIACEAE Gelsemium sempervirens

POACEAE Aristida purpurea

POACEAE Muhlenbergia lindheimeri

SCROPHULARIACEAE Penstemon triflorus

VISCACEAE Phoradendron tomentosum

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Field Trip 2-- Zilker Botanical Gardens (Packet x.x Mb)

ASTERACEAE Calyptocarpus vialis

ASTERACEAE Echinacea purpurea


CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus virginiana

EBENACEAE Diospyros texana

EQUISETACEAE Equisetum hyemale

LAMIACEAE Rosmarinus officinalis

MARSILEACEAE Marsilea macropoda

OLEACEAE Forestiera pubescens

OLEACEAE Jasmium mesneyi

POACEAE Chasmanthium latifolium

RHAMNACEAE Condalia hookeri

RUBIACEAE Galium aparine

SAPINDACEAE Ungnadia speciosa

SCROPHULARIACEAE Leucophyllum frutescens

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Field Trip 3--

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Field Trip 4--

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Field Trip 5--

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Field Trip 6-- 

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Field Trip 7--

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Field Trip 8--

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Field Trip 9--

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Field Trip 10--


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