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honey bee feeding on honey comb

The Role of the Gut Microbiota in Honey Bee HEALTH

USDA grant number 2018-67013-27540
(PI is Nancy Moran)

honey bee workers on frameThe health of honey bees is a major issue in agriculture and food crop productivity, due to their importance as pollinators of crop plants. Among the challenges facing honey bee populations are frequent and varied nutritional fluctuations due to seasonal shortages of floral resources or transport of bees to novel food environments. They also suffer from pathogens and parasites, loss of foraging habitat, and overwintering stress. Beekeepers often attempt to ameliorate nutritional shortages with dietary supplements, including pollen substitutes and sugar solutions, and these dietary supplements also impact bee health. Recently the gut microbiota of worker honey bees has been found to play a major role in mediating metabolism, hormone signaling, and disease resistance, with consequences for worker mortality rates. Since diet has repeatedly been shown to be a major determinant of the composition of gut communities, nutritional stress and artificial food supplements are expected to affect the size and composition of the honey bee gut microbiota, with potential downstream consequences for bee health. Indeed, the honey bee gut microbiota is now known to affect weight gain, fatty acid metabolism, gut PH and oxygen levels, and expression of insulin signaling and immune system pathways.

This project addresses how nutritional fluctuations and pesticides affect bee gut communities and consequently the health of individual bees and whole colonies. Results will enable an understanding of how the bee gut microbiota affects bee health and of how the nutritional environment might be managed by beekeepers to maintain health-promoting gut communities in bees.

Selected publications

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