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Eli Powell

Eli Powell

Research Associate
Integrative Biology
University of Texas at Austin
Phone: 512-232-9419

flying honeybees at hive entrance


I joined the Moran Lab in 2010 as a Research Associate after several years spent working in biotechnology. As a member of the Moran lab I have been helping to develop tools for studying the biological and functional complexity of microbes and their interactions with each other and their hosts in the guts of honey bees and bumble bees.

The approaches that I have been called upon to develop and use within this context are diverse and include live insect and culturing experiments as well as utilizing metagenomic, and genetic tools. I have been able to work with skilled and knowledgeable collaborators and have also been able to perform outreach from the lab by helping to mentor undergraduates and teaching local high school students about our work.


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