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CONFERENCE TRAVEL • 2023 - present

Hassan's SMBE poster
Hassan u-Z's attention getting poster at a SMBE satellite meeting (November 2023)
Laila and Waldan at SymbNET
Laila P.  and Waldan K. at SymbNET PhD Summer School. (July 2023)
Group dinner Evolution 2023
Laila P.  enjoys SymbNET PhD Summer School. (July 2023)
Allen X. honorable mention poster awarad at Evolution 2023
Allen X's Honorable Mention Award for his poster at Evolution 2023.
(June 2023)
Allen X. at the Evolution 2023 poster session
Allen X presents his poster at Evolution 2023. (June 2023)
Group dinner Evolution 2023
Group Dinner at Evolution 2023
(L to R) Vince M., Ellen, M., Jay. G., Toby H., Allen X., Taichi S., and Z. Li
(June 2023)

Eli P. meets up with Dan P. at ASM Microbe. (June 2023)
Moran lab members at ASM Microbe 2023
Qiang H., Eli P.,  Zuberi A., Erick d. S. M., Jo H., Yulin S., and PJ L. at ASM Microbe. (June 2023)