Nancy A. Moran

Moran and Ochman Lab Photos

Austin skyline

University of Texas 2018 –


Dinner with Jamie
Dinner with a Ghost-doc
(L to R) Sam Z., Jamie A., Angela O'D, Kiran G., Z. Li, and Hassan u-Z
(June 2023 )

Erick, Alan, Hassan, and Eli dress monotone
(L to R) Erick d. S. M., Alan E. S. C., Hassan u.Z, and Eli P. (August 2023 )


Tom S.
Tom S. coordinates with the tank
(March 2020)

Zac and Julie match
Zac C. and Julie P. channel Waldo
(October 2019)

stuffed animals on desk
Eli's emotional support animals
(August 2019)

Patterson rooftop hives
Moran lab campus hives
(Summer 2019)

Moran lab hives with UT tower
Moran lab rooftop hives
(Summer 2019)

Danny, Zach, and Steven
Danny M., Zach M., and Steven K.
match the lab (August 2019)

Erick and Tyler
Erick d.S.M. and Tyler d.J. back from the rooftop hives (July 2019)

Erick and Eli
Erick d.S.M. and Eli P. head off to Diftwood (July 2019)

Paul and Landry
Landry L. gets mentored by Paul K.
(July 2019)

Hyunjin and Nancy
Hyunjin P. and Nancy Moran at Gordon Conference: Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics (July 2019)

1, 2, 3, 4 . . .
Eli P. counts bees (July 2019)

Bo and Alex
Bo Z. and Alex N. greet summer
(Summer 2019)

Brian and YY
Brian E. and YY L. (May 2019)

Andrew, Tom, and Edwin
Andrew L., Tom S., and Edwin U., together one last time (May 2019)

Sean and Richard
Sean L. and Richard H. (May 2019)

Hyunjin and YY
YY L. and Hyunjin P. (May 2019)

Margaret McFall-Ngai
Margaret McFall-Ngai meets bumble bees with Tom S. and Toby H.
(April 2019)

Bo, Nathalia, and Jerry
Aphid arts and crafts with Bo Z.,
Nathalia D. and Jerry M.
(April 2019)

Eli and Steven
Eli P. and Steven K. love BBQ.
(February 2019)

IB department party
Food Coma!
(L to R) Sean L., Bo Z., Julie P., YY L., Tom S., and Marian S. at the department holiday party (December 2018)

Marian and Eli
Marian S. and Eli P. see red
(October 2018)

Eli out
Is Eli here?
When will he be back?
(August 2018)

Howard and Alejandro
Alejandro C-Q and Howard Ochman hike in Colombia (August 2018)

Tomoko Ohata and Nancy
Tomoko Ohta and Nancy Moran at SMBE 2018, Yokohama, Japan (July 2018)