Nancy A. Moran

Moran and Ochman Lab Photos

Austin skyline

University of Texas 2013 – 2017


Erick, Kasie, and Zack mark bees
(L to R) Erick d.S.M., Kasie R. and Zack S. mark bees (October 2017)

Erick and Tom
Erick d.S.M. and Tom S.
(September 2017)

Erik Zack Erick
(L to R) Erick Q. Zack S., and Erick d.S.M.
(August 2017)

NMS walkin growth chamber
NMS walk-in growth chamber (2017)

bee sting
Sean L. stung on the ear (Fall 2017)

Corey the bug
Corey the bug (March 2017)

Mroan Ochman labbies at a seminar
(L to R) Becky C., Kasie R., Louis-Marie B., Chuck T., Serena Z., Erick d.S.M, and Waldan K. attend a department seminar (Fall 2016)

Moran Ochman Labbies meet at Evolution 2016
(L to R) Howard Ochman, Zakee S., Chuck T., Serena Z., Louis-Marie B., Alex N., Kasie R., Waldan K., and Nancy Moran meet at Evolution 2016 in Austin, TX (June 2016)

BFL lab
BFL lab space (Summer 2016)

BLF lab panaroma
Panorama of BFL lab space
(Summer 2016)

Blair M.
Blair M. finishes her project before medical school (May 2016)

Luis M. holds still for a photo
(March 2016)

Dylan and Serena
Dylan D. and Serena Z. wake up to go collecting (March 2016)

Sean and Darby
Sean L. and Darby R. (February 2016)

Eva and Waldan
Eva F. and Waldan K. (February 2016)

Zack and Kasie
Zack S. and Kasie R. (February 2016)

Cody, Becky and Dat
Cody C., Becky C., and Dat T. (February 2016)

Becky and Eli
Becky C. and Eli P. match (August 2015)

Bumble bee nesting preparation

Sean L. models a suit (April 2015)

Amanda M. spends her last few months collecting bees (April 2015)

Chuck and Erik
Chuck T. and Erik Q.
(December 2014)

Shivani and Gordon
Shivani P. and Gordon B.
(December 2014)

howard o
Fast shutter speed catches Howard Ochman in the lab. (October 2014)

Josh and Eli
Josh L. And Eli P. like plaid
(October 2014)

Franken aphid group
Eli P., Becky C., Gordon B., and Waldan K. electrify aphids (October 2014)

alejandro and Caroline
Alejandro C-Q and Caroline G. are solid
(October 2014)

alejandro and chuck
Alejandro C-Q and Chuck T.
(June 2014)

Eli P.
Eli P. pulls pupae (May 2014)

Waldan and Amanda
Waldan K. and Amanda M. work away from the bench (April 2014)

Daren E.
Daren E. without beesuit
(April 2014)

Carnie hive
Carnie hive (April 2014)

amdans and edwin
Amanda M. and Edwin E. share a frame
(April 2014)

Allison J.
Allison J. sucks leafhoppers
(March 2014)

Anna P.
Anna P. bags pollen
(March 2014)

office view
We have windows!
(August 2013)