Nancy A. Moran

Moran and Ochman Lab Photos

Saguaro National Park

University of Arizona
September 6, 2006


Phat's farewell
(L to R) Nicole G., Becky N., Kevin V., Kerry O., Phat T., and Patrick D.

Phat's farewell
(L to R) Nicole F., Gaelen B., Phat T, and Nicole G.

Phat and Atsushi
(L to R) Phat T. and Atsushi N.

Partick, Phatm Howard, Nancy
(L to R) Patrick D., Phat T., Howard Ochman and Nancy Moran

Phat and Becky
Phat T. & Becky N.

Helen and Phat
Helen D. and Phat T.

Phan and undergrads
Jodi, Chris, Phat, & Rebecca

Phat and the guys
Renyi, Pradeep, Phat, Mark,  & Kevin

Kerry and Phat
Kerry and Phat