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PHOTOS • 2004-2007


Lab group 2007
Lab Group Fall 2007
Back (L to R): Nick Crowder, Bradon MacDonald, Howard Ochman, John McCutcheon, Jodie McCloskey, Kerry Oliver
Middle (L to R): Hema Narra, Mark van Passel, Nancy Moran, Chris Smillie, Kevin Vogel, Nicole Gerardo, Alexander No, Heather McLaughlin, Tania Rosas
Front (L to R): (Kevin) Zack Sunitsch, Patrick Degnan, Renyi Liu, Gaelen Burke, John Stavrinides, Becky Nankivell

Helen Dunbar

Thanks, Helen!!!
We'll miss you greatly.
(July 2007)

Grad students at the beach
Semester's end, May 2007
(Patrick, Kevin, Vince)
at San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

The results of the mustache competition
, February 4, 2007
Kevin V, Mark, Patrick, Josh, John M., Vince, John S., Pradeep

moustaches too
And not to be outdone . . .

Nicole F.'s birthday
Nicole F's birthday, June 2006
Pradeep, Rebecca, Becky, Nicole F., Kim, Nicole G., Patrick, Chris, Hema, Renyi, Alex, Gaelen, Helen Phat

Renyi and Eduard
Renyi Liu and Eduardo Rocha
in a last-minute conference
January 27, 2006

Spittlebug with red and yellow bacteria
(Phat Tran 9-1-05)

Nancy's Birthday
Happy Birthday to Nancy
December 2004

Phat and Helen
Don't come any closer, he's armed!
(Phat and Helen, November 2004)

Emanuelle Lerat
Emanuelle Lerat
Lab retreat in the Santa Ritas, May 2004

Vincent Daubin
Vincent Daubin
Lab retreat in the Santa Ritas, May 2004

Jake Russell
Jake Russell
Lab retreat in the Santa Ritas, May 2004

Lab group 2004
Lab group at the celebration of Nancy's election to the National Academy of Sciences (May 2004)
From left to right: Alex, Gordie, Vicki, Phat, Simran, Michele (back), Jessica (front), Scott, Rachelle, Adam (back), Claire (front with aphid), Krista, Jake, Nancy