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Moran and Ochman Lab Photos

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Howard and Andy
Howard O. and Andy M. in Banff, Canada
(December 2022)

Erick's Sendoff
Erick's sendoff: (L to R) Z. Li, Allen Z., Jerry M., Yulin S., Laila P., Erick V. d.S.M., Howard Ochman, and Nancy Moran (October 2022)
Paul's sendoff
Paul's local sendoff: (clockwise from left) Marta C. S., Laila P., Jerry M., PJ L., Paul K, Hieu P., and doughnuts
(July 2022)
Nancy hiking with formers
Former Labbies Sean L. and Tom S. hiking with Nancy Moran in California
(July 2022)

Tom, Hank, and Sean
Former Labbies Tom S., Hank W., and
Sean L. meetup in California
(December 2021)

Toby's farewell dinner
Toby H. farewell dinner.
(December 2021)

Radana m. goodbye lunch
Radana M. farewell lunch.
Clockwise from lower left: Laila P., Radana M., Alejandra G., Nancy M., Howard O., Allen X., Z. Li, Allan E.S.C., Eli P., Marta C-S., Paul K., and Hassan u-Z. (November 2021)

Moran Ochman lab group photo
Lab photo at Bo's goodbye. (L to R) Erick, Jerry, Toby, Sean, Danny, Zac, Eli, Angela, Nathalia, Alex, Richelle, Bo, Jennifer, Zac, Julie, Tom, Marian, Paul, Nancy, Kim, and YY. (September 2019)

Bo, Jerry, YY
Bo Z., Jerry M., and YY L. confer one last time (September 2019)

Erick defense
Dr. Erick! Celebration of Ericks d.S.M.'s successful P.h.D. defense (July 2019)

Moran Ochman march for science
March for Science (L to R): Howard Ochman, Nancy Moran, Becky C., Alex N., Brianna F., KAsie R., Louis-Marie B., Serena Z., and Eli P. (April 2017)

Outddor lunch
Outdoor lunch with (L to R) Serena Z., Alex N., Becky C., Hao Z., Louis-Marie B., Kasie R., Erick d.S.M., and Waldan K.
(Fall 2016)

Cooking Retreat
Ochman Moran Lab retreat at the Sustainable Food Ceter in Austin, TX. (L to R) Erik Q., Erick d.S.M., Louis-Marie B., and Becky C. (July 2016)

Cookig Retreat
Ochman Moran Lab retreat at the Sustainable Food Ceter in Austin, TX. (L to R) Erick d.S.M., Louis-Marie B., and Becky C. (July 2016)

Lab lunch
Moran Ochman lab lunch (March 2016)

Holiday 2015 Gift Exchange. (L to R) Alex L., Serena Z., Jo H., Eva F., Luke H., Chuck T., Margaret S., Eli P., Waldan K., Alex N., Amanda M., Kim H., Howard O., Becky C., Nancy M., Kasie R., Louis-Marie B., Cody C., and Erick d. S. M. (December 2015)

Goodbye 1
Lab Lunch 2015. (L to R) Gordon B., Eli P., Sean L., Kasie R., Andy M., Erick d. S. M., Becky C., Louis-Marie B., Cody C., Margaret S. (hidden), and Waldan K.
(July 2015)

Goodbye 2
Lab Lunch 2015. (L to R) Luke H., Amanda M., Allison J., Luis M., Kim H., Hauke K., Nancy M., and Howard O. (July 2015)
Erick, Sean and Louis-Marie
Erick d.S.M., Sean L., and Louis-Marie B. nosh bagels (April 2015)