Nancy A. Moran

Moran and Ochman Lab Photos

photo of interior of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University

Yale 2010-2012


art sampling
Sampling Peabody art at the Yale West Campus (2012)

meghan and howard
Meghan S. and Howard Ochman sample Peabody art at the Yale West Campus (2012)

Gordon and David
Gordon B. and David W. (November 2012)

Feeding bees
Eli P., Kate F., Katherine U-M. and Vince M. feed bees (July 2012)

Allison in greenhouse
Allison H. planting in the greenhouse (March 2012)

Ryuichi in the greenhouse
Ryuichi K. in the greenhouse
(March 2012)

Ryuichi Koga
Ryuichi K. at the microscope
(February 2012)

Yogeshwar Kelkar
Yogeshwar K. works at the computer (February 2012)

Kelsey and Philipp
Kelsey B. and Philipp E. view plates (February 2012)

Allison and Adam
Allison H. and Adam H. run the lightcycler (February 2012)

Daniella and Meghan
Daniella P. and Meghan S. sample bacteria (February 2012)

Kelsey Bartlett and Waldan Kwong
Kelsey B. and Waldan K. at the bench (February 2012)

Nibal Fadhil
Nibal F. in the lab (February 2012)

Eli Powell and Kate Filush
Eli P. teaches Kate F. PCR (January 2012)

Rahul Raghavan and Daniel Phillips
Rahul R. and Daniel P. work in the lab (January 2012)

Baoyu Tian
Baoyu T. marks plates (January 2012)

Dan Sloan and Ingrd Rochon
Dan S. and Ingrid R. view a gel
(January 2012)
Vince and Eli work frames
Vince M. and Eli P. collect pupae (September 2011)
Jill woeking with frames
Jill D. removes bee bread from a frame (July 2011)

Eli and Katerine do lab work

Eli P. and Katherine U-M. in the lab (April 2011)

Zakee and Charlie cleaning roach cages
Zakee S. and Charlie H. clean roach cages (Fall 2010)