Nancy A. Moran

Moran and Ochman Lab Photos

marked honey bee queen

entomological society of america
2022 Joint Annual meeting
vancouver, BC, Canada
November 2022


Former (mostly) Moran Labbies at ESA 2022
(L to R) Top row : Nicole G., Vince M., Zakee S., Gordon B., Louis-Marie B., Middle row: Don M., Kevin V., Kasie R., Kerri C., Waldan K., Z. Li, and Front row: Patrick A. (November 2022)
[Full photo identification]

Group dinner if former Moran lab members and affiliates at ESA 202
Group Meal
(Clockwise from lower left) Kelsey C. [Gaelen B's lab], Alexis H. [Kasie R's lab], Louis-Marie B., Z. Li, Waldan K., Kevin V., Vince M., Eli P., Ellen M., and Kasie R. (November 2022)

Group dinner at ESA 2022
Another Group Meal
(Clockwise from lower left)
Z. Li, Waldan K., Ben P., Adam W., Kevin V., and Eli P.
(November 2022)

Eli, Waldan, and Kasie eat
Yet Another Group Meal
Eli P., Waldan K., and Kasie R. drink
(November 2022)

Gordon Bennett
Gordon B. perches
(November 2022)

Zakee S.
Zakee S. is going places
(November 2022)

Edwin Umanzor
Edwin U. waits for a talk
[former undergrad]
(November 2022)

Nickole, Toby and Zakee
Nickole V. [former undergrad] , Zakee S, and Toby H. meetup
(November 2022)

Lexie M.
Lexie M. [former undergrad]
(November 2022)

Nickole, Toby, L-M
Nickole V., Toby H., and Louis-Marie B. meetup. (November 2022)