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Fresh Water Media
1/2 CHEV Diatom Medium
1/3 CHEV Diatom Medium
1/5 CHEV Diatom Medium
1:1 DYIII/PEA + Gr+
2/3 CHEV Diatom Medium
2X CHEV Diatom Medium
Ag Diatom Medium
Allen Medium
BG-11 Medium
BG-11(-N) Medium
Bold 1NV Medium
Bold 3N Medium
Botryococcus Medium
Bristol Medium
CHEV Diatom Medium
Chu's Medium
CR1 Diatom Medium
CR1+ Diatom Medium
CR1-S Diatom Medium
Cyanidium Medium
Cyanophycean Medium
Desmid Medium
DYIII Medium
Euglena Medium
HEPES Medium
J Medium
Malt Medium
MES-volvox Medium
Modified Bold 3N Medium
Modified COMBO Medium
Modified Desmidiacean Medium
N/20 Medium
Ochromonas Medium
P49 Medium
Polytomella Medium
Proteose Medium
Snow Algae Media
Soil Extract
Soil Extract + Sodium Metasilicate
Soilwater: BAR Medium
Soilwater: GR- Medium
Soilwater: GR-/NH4 Medium
Soilwater: GR+ Medium
Soilwater: GR+/NH4 Medium
Soilwater: PEA Medium
Soilwater: Peat Medium
Soilwater: VT Medium
Spirulina Medium
Tap Medium
Trebouxia Medium
Volvocacean Medium
Volvocacean-3N Medium
Volvox Medium
Volvox-Dextrose Medium
Waris Medium
Waris+Soil Extract Medium
WC Medium
Salt Water Media
1% F/2
1/2 Enriched Seawater
1/2 Erdschreiber Medium
1/2 Soil+Seawater Medium
1/3 Soil+Seawater Medium
1/4 ERD
1/4 Soil+Seawater Medium
1/5 Soil+Seawater Medium
2/3 Enriched Sewater Medium
20% Allen + 80 % ERD
2X Erdschreiber's Medium
2X Soil+Seawater Medium
5% F/2 Medium
5/3 Soil+Seawater Agar
A+ Medium
Artificial Seawater Medium
BG-11 + 1% NaCl Medium
BG-11-1 + .36% NaCl Medium
Bold 1NV:Erdshreiber (1:1)
Bold 1NV:Erdshreiber (4:1)
Dasycladales Seawater
Enriched Seawater Medium
Erdschreiber's Medium
ES/10 Enriched Seawater
ES/2 Enriched Seawater
ES/4 Enriched Seawater
F/2 Medium
LDM Medium
Modified 2 X CHEV
Modified 2 X CHEV + Soil
Modified Artificial Seawater
Modified CHEV
Porphridium Medium
Soil+Seawater Medium
SS Diatom Medium

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