Theoretically, crayfish will eat anything, but individual ones will eat different stuff. They like stuff that sinks, so avoid floating food like dried brine shrimp (they like frozen shrimp, though). Try the reptile/cricket calcium balls, carrots (they donít digest the carotene, so they make orange poop! haha!), algae pellets, reptile food, etc. If they donít eat the food, clean the tanks at least by the next day, or excess nitrogen will build up in the tank. 


Crayfish can live in unbubbled tanks, because they can withstand low levels of oxygen. However, the tanks need to be cleaned every other day (Mon-Wed-Fri is okay); at the moment, the crayfish have a fungus and the tanks need to be cleaned and changed out everyday.  Also, a scrub brush is located on their cart to clean them with.

To clean the tanks, wheel the crayfish cart to the sink and get a dissecting tray. Grab the crayfish by the carapace (on the back, behind the claws - they canít get you this way!) and put it into the dissecting tray. Dump out the old water and rinse out the tank- wipe the sides and the PVC pipe the critter hangs out in with a sponge or something. Refill the tank with fish water so that the water is deep enough to cover the PVC pipe. If there is no fish water ready, tap water is ok - it actually seems to slow down the fungus.

Date Modified: 12/16/2010

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