A. kondoi


Symbiotic relationships between bacteria and animals play a key role in generating and maintaining biodiversity in all ecosystems. For example, many plant species are significantly impacted by sap feeding insects, which are able to subsist on a nutritionally unbalanced diet of plant sap with the aid of symbiontic partners. After millions of years of co-existence, some symbiotic relationships are now obligate where neither can exist without its partner. In addition to being dependent on each other, hosts and symbionts each also face multiple evolutionary processes, which can result in the rapid genetic divergence of symbiotic lineages. For my postdoctoral research, I am investigating how variation in symbiont and host genes across populations affects symbiosis. We are using the model system for obligate symbiosis, Buchnera and pea aphids, and a combination of genomic tools and experimental manipulations to test hypotheses on the coevolutionary dynamics of obligate symbioses.


Professional History


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