BIO 361P - Internships in Public Health

Dr. Leanne Field

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Epidemiology Projects   

Legionellosis: Joseph Ponce ppt

Pertussis: Genevieve Allen ppt

Immunization: Carissa Lumby ppt

Influenza: Alex Domingo ppt

Rabies: Susan Shaffer  ppt 

Jan Dulay  ppt 

Bioterrorism: Alberta Wang  pdf 

TB: Matthew Goldshore  pdf     

Bioterrorism: Taylor Johnson  pdf 

Andrew Codlin ppt

Ashley Dixon ppt



  Laboratory Science Projects

Salmonella: Andrew Chang ppt

PCR Contamination: William Rivera ppt

Norovirus: Kate Bowman ppt

Shigella Strains: Kim Pham  pdf 

Food Safety in Childcare Centers: Maggie Ryan  pdf   

Analysis of Local Recreational Waters: Thuan Dao  pdf

Evaluation of Focus Diagnostics Dengue IgM Capture-1 ELISA: Amar Singh ppt