BIO 226N

A. Blinkova and J.R. Walker

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1a.   Introduction
1b.   Introduction Supplement (1) - Phylogeny Based on Nucleotide Sequence of the Gene for the 16S Ribosomal RNA
  Introduction Supplement (2)- Aquifex, Spirochetes, Green Sulfer, Chlamydia, Cyanobacteria, Gram positive, Proteobacteria
2 Lab Methods
3   Chemical Principles
4   Cell Structure
5   Nutrition and Metabolism
6   Bacterial Growth
7   Bacterial Genetics
8   Virology
9   "Intermediate" Bacteria
10   Mycology
11   Control of Microbes
12   Normal Flora, Infections
13   None Specific Resistance
14   Immunology Lectures
15   HIV / AIDS
16   Study Guide (all above)

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